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Job Applications

Job Ads

Various companies wanting to employ METU alumni join our website and post job ads there. You can apply for the jobs posted by our member firms by registering at (kpmuye.metu.edu.tr), and sending your CV to their contact addresses.

Preparing a CV

A CV is a very important document in the form of a short summary of your educational background, your work experience and qualifications, and is prepared to show your eligibility for a position you apply for with the purpose of making a good impression. In preparing a CV, you aim to have an opportunity for a job interview. This means that your CV may make you eligible for a job interview, or it may cause you to be eliminated even before that stage.

It is possible to write a CV in different formats, but the most commonly used is the one that shows your educational background and work experience in reverse chronological order, according to which the most recent information appears first in the document, while the oldest appears the last.

If you want to apply to the job ads posted by our member firms, you can register at kpmuye.metu.edu.tr and send your CV to the contact addresses in the job ads.

The Interview Process

A job interview is the meeting of a company manager, a job applicant, and/or a recruitment specialist (working for either the employer corporation or an intermediary company) in one session in order to get to know each other better. The first interview session aims to examine the candidate’s adaptability to corporate culture. At this stage, how the candidate expresses himself/herself through the words he/she uses is of utmost importance, and in order for the interview process to come out well, it should be parallel to the corporation’s values and the competencies it seeks. There are two important sources of information that can be used to form an opinion about the company’s values and the competencies it seeks in candidates. One is the company’s website, and the other is the job ad it posted. If the candidate’s competencies are consistent with those stated in the company’s job ad, up to 50 percent of success will be achieved for the first stage.         

Please click here to make an appointment for a mock interview.