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Career Counseling

Preparing a CV

If you want your CV to be reviewed, you can make an appointment with the career counselors, or visit our office for a brief discussion. Please click here to make an appointment.

Mock Interviews

Research has shown that getting prepared beforehand helps to boost job applicants’ performance during real interviews. You can make appointments with the career counselors to prepare for job interviews. A mock interview with a career counselor lasts 35-40 minutes. During this interview, the career counselor asks you various questions, all of which you are highly likely to meet in a real job interview, such as questions about your educational background and work experience, personal qualities and competencies, job expectations, and the projects you were involved in. You are expected to answer those questions as if you were in a real interview. At the end of the mock interview, the counselor gives you constructive feedback on your answers, the language you use, and your body language, in order to enhance your performance during job interviews. Please click here to make an appointment for a mock interview with the career counselors.