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Our Services

  • Career Fair: Career Fair is a 2-day event at which students and company representatives come together.

  • ODTÜ Graduate Programs Information Days: In ODTÜ Graduate Programs Information Days, all graduate programs at ODTÜ are presented to prospective graduate students since 2013-2014 Academic year.

  • Exclusive Company Events: These events are created upon company’s request in any month of the year. In these events, company representatives can focus on presentations, job interviews and workshops.

  • Consultancy: You can get an appointment from our consultants and review your CV and practice interview skills.

  • Job and Internship Announcements: Companies that would like to work with ODTÜ students and graduates become a member on our website and announce their job and internship positions. Our students and alumni can apply to these jobs and internships by becoming a member to our webpage.