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Aplication and Training Specialist | Bioeksen AR GE Teknolojileri

İlan Bitiş Tarihi: 03.03.2022

To whom it may concern,

Bioeksen is in the top 5% that have both FDA-EUA and WHO-EUL among the 480 companies producing RT-qPCR tests in the world.

140 million Bioeksen RT-qPCR tests have been used in 60 different countries so far.

Use of Bioeksen R&D Technologies’ RT-qPCR based products in USA, Europe and UK have been increasing day-by-day.

More than 5 million Bioeksen RT-qPCR tests are used in the USA, Europe and the UK per month.

Bioeksen is looking for personnel to provide training and technical support to laboratories on the use of RT-qPCR based products.

We are looking for a Biological Sciences graduade or Master/Doctorate student who can accommodate in İstanbul. The personnel we will employ must have one of the USA or Schengen or UK visas.

Personnel to be recruited will be authorized to conduct R&D projects on Bioeksen’s RT-qPCR and NGS related products. R&D projects have no budget limit.

If you would like to know more about Bioeksen and the career opportunities available, please contact us:

  • Nilda Topraklı
  • Marketing and Human Resources Specialist
  • +90 539 201 1414
  • nilda.toprakli@bioeksen.com.tr
  • Dr. Mustafa Kolukırık
  • Managing Partner & Chief Scientist
  • +90 532 5842779
  • mustafa.kolukirik@bioeksen.com.tr

Başvurular: nilda.toprakli@bioeksen.com.tr