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Data Management Engineer | ADASTEC Teknoloji AŞ

İlan Bitiş Tarihi: 01.09.2022

Data Management Engineer


  • 1. Querying/storing the driving data from various sources to a centralized storage unit.
  • 2. Communication with labeling infrastructure, maintaining tools that can make QA analyses to the labeling job of the created dataset.
  • 3. Integration with the ADASTEC Training pipeline.

Must Have:

  • Excellent Command of Python
  • Very Good Command of AWS
  • Very Good Command of ROS
  • (1 YEAR+) Experience on Computer Vision
  • Experienced with Eigen & PCL

Tooling Engineer


  • 1. Tools that has been proposed from Perception & Prediction sub-teams will be developed and supported on the way.
  • 2. Developing sensor & perception monitoring/validation and correction modules.
  • 3. Helping out the Calibration and Synchronization team while working on the flowride Calibration Framework.

Must Have:

  • Excellent Command of PHYTON
  • Excellent Command of C++
  • Excellent Command of ROS
  • Very Good Level of Eigen, PCL
  • Experienced with App Development [Qt or Flask or ImGui]
  • Some Experience with API Development and AWS

Başvurular: duygu@adastec.com