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Junior M&A Representative & Analyst (London) | ThinkingLinking

Deadline for the announcement: 31.03.2022

Qualifications and Job Description

ThinkingLinking is looking for a junior strategic consultant to join a small, fast-paced and disciplined M&A and strategic consulting team in the City of London. 

Our company will train any successful candidates from non-M&A backgrounds such as science, engineering and economics to work in our advisory. Financial background is not necessarily required for the position. We welcome applicants with precise minds since we use logic and strategic analysis when reaching out to new businesses and working with clients.

About ThinkingLinking 

ThinkingLinking is a boutique M&A firm with a ‘Strategy before Finance’ methodology. Unlike other small firms that specialise in one sector, ThinkingLinking works across a range of industries, using proprietary methodologies to identify opportunities and guide the dealmaking process. We add strategy and psychology to the traditional finance dimension of M&A, in effect blending strategic and cultural consulting with traditional M&A.

ThinkingLinking provides a demanding yet rewarding environment in which every action is subjected to logic and fits within a pre-agreed strategy. Logic and strategic thinking are a core part of our company culture, and are the foundation for how our team operates internally and externally.

Visit our website: thinkinglinking.com.

About the Role

As part of a small team, the candidate is expected to be independent and confident in handling a wide range of responsibilities. We are looking for a quick learner, strategic and creative thinker with versatile business skills. 

The ideal candidate will have the determination to grow into an M&A professional in a demanding entrepreneurial environment. At ThinkingLinking, the only limit on a person’s ability to rise is their own limitation. We operate an ‘intensive meritocracy’. We have one of the most hands-on training environments of any small firm in the format of an apprenticeship, and are dedicated to helping members of our team grow. If a person is not willing to accept the ‘Prove-before-Proceed’ (PbP) learning process of being an apprentice, they need not apply. The apprentice status does not mean the person is not working on client situations or having client contact, but refers to the PbP rule applying to all progress, however fast.

As a key member of a small team, your responsibilities will range from new business to client project implementation, with significant internal reporting compliance.

Examples of day-to-day work include:

  • Manage new business projects which involves research, analysis, strategy and tactics
  • Write customised strategic outreach emails to potential clients
  • Execute and manage live deal projects
  • Participate in internal strategy discussions
  • Prepare call/meeting notes after every client/potential client interaction

Responsibilities will be tailored somewhat based on the successful candidate’s knowledge and experience.

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Essential (if possible, an ability to prove or demonstrate these)
  • Ability to work independently based on confidence, entrepreneurship and stamina
  • Ability to think logically and strategically
  • Detail-oriented, organised, precise
  • Respect for, and skilled in, following detailed procedures and methodologies
  • Mathematical-solid, ideally with some experience in accounting/finance
  • Time management and prioritising skills
  • Proven research and analytical skills
  • Advanced online search skills, with a strategic approach to finding company info
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with deep commitment to accurate articulation and comprehension
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Subtle business writing skills that produce strategic and sensitive emails that impress potential clients
  • Reasonable IT skills
  • Ability to travel internationally as required


  • An academic background in business, economics, international relations or science/engineering with proven intention to work in business
  • Basic design skills to produce charts/graphs and slide decks
  • Project management experience
  • Languages are a bonus.

How to Apply

To apply, please send your CV and a cover letter to Ms. Hermi Tang, Recruitment Director, at htang@thinkinglinking.com, addressing the points listed in Qualifications & Requirements with evidence to prove your suitability. Any applications sent through LinkedIn or a university portal and/or without such a cover letter addressing this posting’s requirements will not be considered.

Non-UK applicants

ThinkingLinking is an A-rating Skilled Worker visa sponsor authorised by the UK Government’s Home Office. As a globally-focused company, we consider applicants from all over the world and are committed under our ‘intensive meritocracy’ to sourcing the most talented people globally to fit our needs on an equal opportunity basis in keeping with the Fair Market Economy Institute’s Open-Minded Market philosophy.

Application address: htang@thinkinglinking.com