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Management Trainee | NOKSEL

İlan Bitiş Tarihi: 15.10.2022

We are looking for graduates with the potential to have successful careers with us.
Join a diverse and collaborative team that relies on analytical thinking to make decisions.
You will have access to learning pathways, to on-the-job training and to our senior leaders to give you a head start toward development.

  • Help share our future in our industry
  • Work with outstanding people in dynamic and collaborative teams
  • Witness long term business relations growing together
  • Learn and develop new skills by exploring Sales and Procurement
  • Learn culture to work with our Spanish colleagues to share knowledge and best practices
  • Work in an environment selecting individuals based on their performance, experience, abilities, interpersonal skills and commitment
  • Work in a company continuously investing in the existing mills and new territories focusing on sustainable industrial foot print in every community where we operate.


  • Help managers complete daily tasks (e.g. implementing new policies)
  • Understand each department’s (e.g. Procurement, Sales, other ) daily processes and goals
  • Provide administrative support (e.g. data entry)
  • Get familiar with personnel duties
  • Participate in company’s strategic planning
  • Help managers in evaluating performance (e.g. writing reports, analyzing data)
  • Keep track of sales and procurement data
  • Research ways to increase profitability, lower risk, trade intelligence, business development and adapting new suppliers
  • Create and give presentations

Requirements and skills

  • Enthusiasm in management, planning, sales and procurement
  • Comprehensive knowledge of MS Office
  • Strong verbal and written presentation skills
  • Strong math and computational ability
  • Effective communication skills

Başvurular: noksel@noksel.com.tr