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New Graduate Job Advertisement | Metasis Teknoloji

İlan Bitiş Tarihi: 31.10.2021


Metasis Technology is a technology company engaged in consultancy, turnkey project development, R&D and training activities, and produces platform independent, innovative, high quality and high value added products and solutions for national and international competing organizations. While developing projects that will guide the sector with its consultancy activities, it brings together the knowledge gained in the sector by using machine learning, artificial intelligence, deep learning and data mining technologies with the R&D team with current technologies and innovative ideas.

As Metasis Technology, we research, wonder while learning, and implement the innovations that shape the future together. We take responsibility with our colleagues who are experts in their fields and work for pioneering applications from day one. We adapt quickly to innovations and changes. Throughout your Metasis career, you can improve yourself in different areas and find the chance to develop the aspects you haven’t discovered. We are looking for Software Engineers and Business Analysts to join our team as new graduates!


  • Graduates from Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Systems Engineering, Mathematical Engineering with a bachelor’s or master’s degree,
  • Interested in a Software Development or Business Analyst career,
  • Interested in a long-term work experience with Metasis Technology,
  • Those who want to complete their compulsory internship and want to continue working full time at Metasis Technology,
  • Have an awareness of industry trends and their relationship to business applications, software development tools and methods,
  • Eager to work with existing technologies,
  • Likes to interact with others and team player
  • Have strong analytical and creative problem solving skills,
  • Have the ability to work both independently and in groups,
  • Likes to solve problems and help others,
  • Can briefly explain and solve a problem through written communication,
  • Good organizational skills, good listener and attention to detail and solution oriented,
  • Strong learning ability and the ability to self-manage and motivate,
  • Candidates with a good knowledge of written and spoken English.


For Software Engineering;

  • Object-Oriented Programming,
  • Design Patterns,
  • Software Principles

For Business Analyst;

  • Software Development Lifecycle knowledge,
  • SQL , knowledge about Agile Methodologies,
  • Strong communication capabilities,
  • Solution oriented

We offer each of our employees a flexible career path; In addition to software development and business analysis teams, you can also have the opportunity to continue your career in our R&D team. We are waiting for your applications to take your first steps into your professional business career in an agile and fast-learning working environment with well-equipped teams leading technology under the guidance of expert leaders.