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Sales Account Manager / Young Talent | Creatiful Minds

İlan Bitiş Tarihi: 26.01.2022

Sales Account Manager / Young Talent

Hey hey hey!

We are looking for a young talent who is crazy about sales. Their most prominent and biggest role will be to find outstanding clients for our subsidiary companies; Creatiful Consulting and Creatiful Agency.

We want them to be someone we can work with for years to come. We will offer them, in the long term, a stock-option partnership for our umbrella company Creatiful Minds, as well as a playground for them to realize their business-oriented dreams. When the time comes (within 2 years) we want them to be excited to work within our global offices abroad.

Sales skills aside, we want to train them and teach them everything they need to know in order to become expert strategists who can understand the agendas and goals of the clients they are responsible for and can effectively change and progress this vision for the betterment of the project/account at hand.

As a startup, we need someone who can handle the challenge of an aggressively growing company and someone who is born ready to show that off.

Who you are:

  • MAX 2 years of sales, client acquisition & lead generation experience
  • Experienced in client communications
  • Must be self-motivated for finding new clients and sales
  • Mind blowing interpersonal and communication skills
  • Excellent communicator in both Turkish and English (We want you to not only survive alone with our clients but to handle the process like a champ. From day one, or maybe two)
  • Have the ability and flexibility to work in a fast-paced startup environment

What you’ll be doing:

  • Finding visionary clients for Creatiful Consulting and Creatiful Agency both local and global will be your biggest and most prominent job
  • Defining and improving sales processes, tactics and reaches etc.
  • Creating and conducting sales presentations to align with client/customer products, services and offerings
  • Influencing customers decisions through specific sales and negotiation skills, extensive knowledge of industry trends
  • Developing mid to long term key business objectives for clients
  • Brainstorming with the creative team on client strategy

What we offer:

  • Competitive monthly bonus
  • Extra flexible working conditions (sometimes at home, sometimes at Kolektif House Levent, sometimes at our client’ office, sometimes at a Starbucks overlooking the city)
  • Working with the founder team and leading the newcomers along
  • Working with the right mentors at the right time
  • Events!! ALL THE TIME (Like entering Contemporary Istanbul VIP before it’s public)
  • No dress code ofc bi’ zahmet
  • Access and opportunity for a limitless network
  • Access to many hard and soft skills and access to training to help you improve and challenge yourself
  • A team that will change the world with you
  • Work abroad (long term)

Creatiful Minds / creatifulminds.com

Perfects playgrounds for genius people

Two prominent playgrounds so far: Creatiful Consulting & Creatiful Minds

Creatiful Consulting / creatifulconsulting.com

Offering Gen-Z consultancy focused on next-generation modern trends.

Creatiful Agency / creatifulagency.com

Changing the world one brand at a time

Hiring process

  • We expect your application through Linkedin, then for you to send a Cover letter to hello@creatifulminds.com written in English.
  • We will then call the fitting candidates and send a few hours of workshop content.
  • We will then hold 30-minute interviews with candidates who would like to proceed.
  • Candidates will then try to have a sales call with the Creatiful Agency team.

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Başvurular: hello@creatifulminds.com