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Senior Associate Consultant | Enera Consulting

İlan Bitiş Tarihi: 19.09.2021

Creativity is everything for us. At Enera, we do not bore ourselves with routine tasks or useless replication of previous work. Instead, we always strive to offer real added value to our clients by consistently being innovative, outcome-focused and practical in our projects; and this is only possible through building strong teams that consist of brilliant people.

We are currently looking for moderately experienced associates to join our growing Istanbul-based management consultancy team and contribute to our international healthcare consulting business.

By joining our team, you will have numerous opportunities that will help you advance your career as a management consultant:

  • Gain experience in one-of-a-kind boutique healthcare consulting company in Turkey
  • Work closely with top government officials and C-level company executives
  • Achieve promotions based on your performance and merit rather than seniority
  • Improve your leadership skills through managing project teams
  • Learn about new cultures by spending considerable time abroad
  • Familiarize yourself with the practicalities of the international business life via fieldwork in various countries
  • Tackle very complex business and policy related challenges and demonstrate your creativity
  • Develop yourself through continuous training activities

Working environment:

At Enera’s offices, you will be spending your time in an environment that constantly stimulates creativity, teamwork and personal development. We proud ourselves on having friendly management principles and flexible approaches to formalities (such as dress codes, schedules, etc.) in a rapidly changing business world.

Description of the Position:

The senior associate consultant role involves, but is not limited to leading project teams, conducting research, analyzing data, creating solutions, coordinating project activities, and preparing presentations and reports. The primary responsibilities of a senior associate consultant are as follows:

  • Managing the execution of individual workstreams in projects
  • Leading project teams and coordinating tasks allocated to junior associates
  • Participating in field visits, and conducting extensive primary and secondary research
  • Analyzing data via qualitative and quantitative methods, and diagnosing problems and their root causes
  • Creating innovative solutions to the diagnosed problems in projects, and assessing them for both technical and contextual suitability
  • Developing operational and financial models in business cases
  • Creating content and designing deliverables in the forms of presentations and reports
  • Delivering presentations to managers, clients and other stakeholders, and taking active roles in workshops
  • Mentoring junior associates and helping them in developing their skill sets
  • Supporting partners and managers in business development activities

Required Skills & Experience:

  • Minimum 1 year of work experience in a management consulting company
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills in English language (equivalent to a minimum score of 90 from TOEFL or 7 from IELTS). Although having a score from an English test is not a must, speaking and writing skills of the candidates will be evaluated via interviews and written tasks.
  • Outstanding command of Microsoft Office programs (especially Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Strong background in strategy development and problem solving with demonstrable analytical capabilities
  • Multi-tasking skills for simultaneously carrying out analysis, report-writing, communication and project management
  • Ability to work abroad for consecutive weeks

Preferred Skills & Experience:

  • Consulting experience in health-related topics
  • Fluency in Turkish language
  • Graduation from one of the industrial engineering, business administration, economics, healthcare management or health sciences departments
  • Post-graduate degree in the abovementioned academic disciplines
  • Command of statistical packages

About Enera:

Enera is a management consulting company specialized in the field of healthcare. In our offices in Istanbul, Ankara and London; we employ dynamic teams comprised of highly skilled consultants and industry experts. Combining our exceptional human resource with a global network, we exclusively work on prestigious international projects in the MENA, South Asia and EU regions. As strategic advisors to governments in various countries, Enera has engaged in the design of strategic frameworks, development of healthcare delivery models, creation of communication strategies, development of action plans, implementation of capacity planning studies, and supervision of health transformation initiatives. Enera also provides consultancy services to the private sector for investment and international business development projects in various industries, including healthcare, construction, energy and transportation. We have helped numerous companies in their efforts to enter foreign markets or grow their international business by providing strategy development, market research, feasibility study, operational improvement, event organization, lead generation, marketing & sales, and network management services.

Contact Information

  • Email: career@enerahealth.com
  • Phone: +90 216 353 8049
  • http://www.enerahealth.com

Başvurular: career@enerahealth.com