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Software Engineer – Wifi Software Development I Airties

İlan Bitiş Tarihi: 31.12.2021

The WiFi software team develops generic Airties software features which enhances both Airties platforms, non-Airties licensed gateways and set-top-boxes. Team members work across the organization, supporting Airties platform, licensing integration, hardware and research teams. The role requires deep knowledge of embedded C conventions to develop and maintain Airties propriety user-space applications. It is an exciting opportunity to work on various topics around networking subsystems while working in a first-class team that masters 802.11 wireless standards, IP Networking, bridging and routing.
Key Responsibilities
• Design, develop, maintain and improve embedded software implementation for Airties Mesh, Client Steering, Airtouch, Cloud Management, Video Streaming, Interference Avoidance and a set of other patented technologies of Airties
• Improve and build out core applications and kernel modules to support multiple hardware platforms

• BSc in Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering or equivalent
• 2 – 5 yearsof experience, especially in embedded C development
• Fluent in English
• Proficiency in C programming
• Good understanding of embedded Linux system internals, cross-compilation environments, device driver development and performance tuning
• Hands on experience with firmware debugging using a full range of test equipment, especially with Linux soft tools
• Good understanding of IP networking concepts and basic understanding of Linux network stack
• Familiarity with source control bug tracking tools (Git, Jira, etc…)
• Highly desired and has ability to lead as well as work individually
• Experience with 802.11 wireless technologies, IP networking and packet routing
• Acquaintance with open source tools, philosophy and community