Career Counseling

Dear METU Student/Alumni,

As the METU Career Planning Application and Research Center, we invite you to utilize our career counseling service for the following areas.

  • Clarifying your career-related questions
  • CV review
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Other career-related issues

If you want us to accompany you on your career path, you can send us your appointment request right now.

We wish you success in your career journey!

Our Counsellors

Psychology Specialist Ülkü UNGAN ÖNDER

Coordinator of Career Planning Application and Research Centre

Following her graduation from METU Psychology Department, she completed her Master’s Degree on Social Psychology at the same department. She started her career as a research assistant at METU Psychology Department. She started her career as a Human Resources Specialist in Arçelik, Dishwasher Plant in 1995. In 1999, she worked in the Head Office of Arçelik and then worked in the Human Resources Department of Koç Holding Consumers Durable Group. As the Human Resources Coordinator of the Regional Development Administration of Southeastern Anatolia Project, she established the Human Resources Department and played a key role in the development and expansion of the human resources systems. As Human Resources Manager at Doğadan Company, she developed Human Resources systems and was involved in the recruitment processes. During 15 years of Human Resources efforts, she participated in and/or supervised some projects on Human Resources,  Leadership, Management, Communication, Teamwork trainings, Recruitment interviews, Job and Process Analysis, Reorganization, Competency Based Performance Evaluation System and dissemination, Model Organization, Quality System, Job Descriptions and Job Evaluation. In 2007, she started providing training and working as a counsellor. She provided counselling to construction, energy and manufacturing companies. In 2013, she started working as the coordinator of Career Planning Centre of METU. She provides one-to-one counselling to students on CV, career planning and interview preparation. In addition, she attends seminars organized in departments and ensures the coordination of the activities of the Centre.

Our Counsellors


Banu BALAR ERDOĞAN graduated from METU Psychological Counselling and Guidance Program in 1996. She started her career as a human resources specialist after having received trainings on human resources, leadership and coaching. During this period, she provided training on time management, talent management, in-company and inter-company communication.. Since 2017, she has been working at BExecutive Executive Search & Consultancy in the fields of career coaching, personality inventory and career mentoring.


Esra AKGÜN graduated from METU Department of Industrial Engineering in 1995 and started her career as a human resources specialist at Arçelik Company. In the meantime, she completed her master’s degree in METU Department of Industrial Engineering in 1998 and continued her career as a quality engineer at Arçelik Company. Mrs.AKGÜN, who continued her activities in the field of quality assurance in different companies, gained high level of experience and competence in high quality standards such as 6 sigma and ISO 9000. Moreover, she carried out activities in Total Quality Management, EFQM Excellence Model and customer relations. Since 2016, she has been working as a Business Excellence and Training Manager at VESTEL.


Benay BİTİRİCİ graduated from METU Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1993. After completing her master’s degree in Business Administration at Bradford University, she started her career as a project manager. After a while, she carried on her career as a quality-planning engineer at Arçelik andthen , she started to work as a system development and purchasing engineer at the Purchasing Department of Arçelik. During this time, she gained experience in e-commerce, supply chain and team management. She continued her career as a logistics group manager in the supply chain department andshe has been working as an Assistant General Manager at Koçtaş since 2012.

A. Berker Telek

A. Berker Telek graduated from METU Department of Mechanical Engineering in 1991. He completed his master’s degree in Quality Management at City, University, of London in 1995. From 1991 to 2001, he worked at various positions in quality management in Arçelik. During this time, he carried out and supervised projects specifically on quality costs, ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and Total Quality Management. As part of 6 Sigma applied in Arçelik, he earned the title of “Black Belt”. From 2006 to 2008, he supervised the establishment of supplier development systems and improvement of the quality management system as the Quality Assurance Manager at MAN Turkey Company. He has been providing trainingspecifically on process management, strategic management, quality circles, self-assessment, and leadership at Turkey Quality Association (KalDer).  A. Berker Telek, who founded ORSA Management Consulting Ltd. in 2008, has been providing training and counselling services within the company in the fields of Institutionalization, EFQM Excellence Model, Process Management, Strategic Management, Risk Management and quality management systems.

Nazli Kılan Ermut

Nazlı Kılan Ermut graduated from METU Department of Economics in 1988. She completed her master’s degree in Monetary Policy at the same university in 1991. Nazlı Kılan Ermut, who worked as an academic for a while, started working in the field of human resources after ending her academic experience, andworked in the defense industry and in the multinational companies operating in the online gaming sector for many years. She has been carrying out activities in the fields of Human Management Consulting and Corporate and Individual Coaching at Agrega Consultancy, which was founded by her in 2012. In addition to the business-related training programs, she organizes training and seminars on happiness in institutions and in individuals. She supports volunteer coaching and mentoring projects in order to transfer her experiences to social responsibility projects. She postsher articles related to her research studies on her personal blog and on Harvard Business Review Türkiye blog.